Wednesday, August 6, 2008

CSR (corporate social responsibility) visits

the philanthropical side of my company's operations- local schools, hospitals and a community research center

examinations taken in outdoor hallways...

in the courtyard...

and the playing fields. always gender-segregated (ponytails required- no exceptions!)

I am misspelling this, but this game is called "kho-kho". It's a mix between duck-duck-goose and total anarchy

School principal explaining physics instrumentation and basic experiments conducted with said instruments. Don't let the height difference fool you- it all went way over my head

Whenever I entered a classroom of younger students, the "ma'am" (teacher) raised her hand and eyebrows expectantly, turning towards the kids, who scrambled out of their seats, saluted, and sang in chorus "Good mahning sahhh!"


Ferrari said...

hmmm the school pics are really cool "SAAH"

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