Monday, September 1, 2008

The End

All around Bombay....

A common sight on the roads... who needs seatbelts?

Just out walkin' the monkeys.

August 15th, Indian Independence Day

Typical downtown midday side-street

Went about 1/4 mph, barefoot...

sifting grain with a micro-managing goat supervisor

central Bombay post office

the famous Taj Mahal Hotel

Gateway of India

Mumbai Stock Exchange

Marine Drive

Sassoon Docks of Colaba Causeway (Parsi neighborhood)

nearby dock that's seen better days

view from the Oberoi Hotel, Marine Drive

Haji Ali Mosque, on a small island in the Arabian Sea connected to Bombay by a landbridge

we flew over Afghanistan this time instead of swerving around in Iran and Pakistan. Continental Airlines cut a deal with the Taliban. we then flew over Greenland...

... where the sun never completely sets at this time of year... this picture was taken at 3 a.m. looking towards the north pole.

A complete set of all photos taken during my 3 month stay can be found here at Picasa Web Albums.

Poyittu varen,


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really nice pics
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