Monday, July 21, 2008

union demands

To add to my previous list of collective bargaining agreements provisions fought for by the unions at the manufacturing plants I've been visiting, I got my grubby hands on an even cooler list- "details of welfare items and other benefits eligible for employees." Among the exhaustive list, some strange ones:

[item: amount, frequency]

  • socks: 2 pairs, yearly
  • towels: 3, yearly
  • ball point pens: 1 , yearly (a little stingy, no? come on guys... let's work on this one)
  • rain coat (duck-back): 1, 3 years
  • bedsheet: 1, yearly
  • coconut oil: 2 liters, bi-monthly
  • Hamam soap: depends on who you are. Ranges from 10, bimonthly, to 2, "as and when." "Security dog squard" [sic] and "Refrigiration [sic] Chiller Leak-Test Maintenance" get the least; full-timers and "probatioers" [sic] get the most.
  • Horlicks (basically, little cookies): 1 kg, 3 months

Then, regarding guaranteed allowances:

(part of the benevolent fund:) 25,000 rupees for "dying in harness," "22 carrot [sic] gold coin" for retiring after 10 years, and for "retirement memento," a "bi-cycle" and "one (1) wall clock."

As this is part of a collective bargaining agreement that wasn't supposed to leave the plant, I'll just keep the company name and specifics anonymous, but the ridiculous product demands were so great I had to publish it for all to see... perhaps unions in America will soon be inspired to demand rubber duckie raincoats and chocolate cookies as well!

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